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The sound of a hand connecting with her face sent a resounding crack around the empty room once more, she winced as the pain soared through her body, the chair she was tied to rocking back from the force. Her cheek was red, raw with agony and mixing with the blood trickling from her nose. Her breaths slowed while her mind attempted to focus on the mens voices over the unbearable ringing in her ears. A low chuckle erupts from her throat while her head lolls back. In this situation all she could do was laugh. Laugh at her own vulnerability and futility. It was sickening.

A loud crash snaps her out of her haze and her body jolts for a moment preparing itself for another wave of pain. Instead, there is shouting and a loud bang, as if someones trying to break in. Through her blurry vision she can only make out the figures frantically moving into action, and then one approaches her. Something cold presses in to her temple, gun, her mind deadpans.

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[giggles and hides her face.]  Andrew’s a great and funny guy, we messed up a couple of times because he wouldn’t stop making me laugh so we had to do a lot of takes. I confess it was probably the first time I had to do something like that so he was trying to help me get over my nerves and make me feel as comfortable as possible.The director was a little annoyed about all the takes but it was still a good time, I’m lucky I got to work with a nice person like him.


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[tweet] i wish rinko kikuchi played nat.. @natsumichan is a hot mess lmao

[reads out loud, then looks at the camera] Oh, that makes me a little sad..I’m sorry you feel that way, I’ll improve I swear I won’t let my fans down!

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@natsumichan: beach photoshoot and i found a little friend, kawaii! (^ ・ω ・^)

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Are you recording me? [She waves to the camera enthusiastically.] Hi, hi! I’m waiting to shoot a promo for our international viewers. But now that you’re here watching I’m getting a little camera shy, heh.

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